We spent two days and two nights on the train, passing through beautiful countryside. The box car's door was left open, there was water for us, so this was a definite improvement over how we'd been treated until now.


Deportation trains in Westerbrok, Germany 1944


Finally we arrived at a pleasant small village, by the name of Allendorf, which was our destination. There were a thousand of us and we only had to walk a few kilometers through a gorgeous pine forest to make it to a small camp, which was surrounded by flowers. We were put up comfortably, fourteen of us in Room 13 of Block 6. All of us there had been deported from Tapolca. Each of us had a bunk bed, chair and small table. It was like a dream after the concentration camp in Birkenau. We were given food and plenty of it, along with the opportunity to rest and sleep for the next three weeks. One would think we'd had it made. Even the SS troops treated us well, but not because they really felt like it. Letting us regain our strength provided them with slave laborers who were ready for the job.


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