Call on God

I will never, ever forget our march through Main Street and call on God never to forgive those who humiliated us so terribly. We were being forced toward the train station, so many of us that we covered the whole stretch of the street.


Deportation from Kiev, the Ukraine in 1941


The line was so long one could not see where it ended. Christian neighbors and families were crying in the windows. It only took a short time at the station to get us into the cattle boxcars, about 70 of us to a car. We were already standing inside when a platoon of forced laborers from your camp arrived. Although forbidden, they came close to us. I still see vividly George's clenched fist and enraged face as he noticed Vera, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy. To my question about why you weren't with them, while all others were there, I was not given a straight answer. Why did they want to confuse me even more? Truth be told, I didn't mind that you weren't there. It made it easier on me that you did not get to see the long stretch of cattle boxcars we were herded into and I was spared of looking at the expression on your face....


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