Former female prisoners in Auschwitz, after liberation in 1945


When we woke up in the barn Thursday morning we decided to flee, damn the Gestapo and anybody else. About fifty of us slipped away and took to the country road we'd noticed last night. After a two hour walk we reached Dillich, a small village. We made ourselves out to be lost "Hungarian laborers" and were given food as well as a place in a barn by a group of French forced laborers, once they learned where we had really come from. Couldn't sleep almost all night though, as we listened to the sound of the cannons; we were also afraid that someone would set the barn on fire.

Upon waking up at dawn, we noticed white flags in the windows and a constant rumbling coming from the street. We all ran out and saw a long line of American tanks. I can't even begin to tell you how we felt about our luck and deliverance from Hell. We were crying, laughing and overall experiencing something which could best be described as a rebirth.


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