Again, we were marched through one camp compound after another, another and another, until we got to Lager B II. There we stood in line all day, under the burning summer sun.

Pit with corpses in Auschwitz, at liberation in 1945


Most people fainted ,collapsed, were made to stand up again and again, without given a drop of water, of course. As it turned out, the water was infected with typhus bacteria, which caused spotted fever. Didn't know what to do with Clara, as she was about to faint and fall into my lap every minute. Then I noticed Ilona, who was in terrible shape. Tore off a piece from my shirt and placed it on her head, since the sun was burning our bald heads mercilessly. I wouldn't even pay attention to myself, being so busy with the others around me. Glimpsing around, I saw huge, dilapidated wooden barracks, each with thousands of woman inmates in rags, who were not allowed to go over even to the next block.


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