On the train

The pain took over to such a degree that I wasn't even aware of what was happening around me. This was a godsend though, as two people went completely insane. I came to my senses after we'd crossed the Hungarian border to Slovakia. We were on the train for the next two days with hardly any food and arrived at our final destination in the morning of the third day.


Arrival at Auschwitz, Poland 1943


Polish camp inmates in striped prison garb and German officers were waiting for us. Huge encampments and wooden barracks hit our eyes at first. There was such a chaos when we were herded off the train that I lost contact with all of my relatives. Standing there in a haze, while men and women were being separated away, I found myself in a row together with Clara and Vera. Bodies of the people who died on the way were now thrown off the cattle boxcars and piled on top of the elderly who were still alive and could have been saved. Poor Mrs. Rosenfeld was amongst them. An inmate was chased away from her when she asked for some water. Nobody could help her by then....


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