The baths

I didn't have to wait long to find out. We were to go to the next chamber, shoes in hand - the only thing we were allowed to carry with us. There a group of Slovakian Jewish female inmates were waiting for us eagerly, who again displayed even more cruelty toward us than the Germans. They had those military hair cutters in hand. Within seconds we had no hair left - they removed it from everywhere, not just our heads. Once this inhumane treatment was over, we were allowed to take a long shower. Ragged shirts and pants were piled up in the next chamber for us to wear as clothing. Looking around, it was almost impossible to recognize ourselves, bald and in tatters.


Selected for gassing. By D. Olere


Clara and I were holding onto each other while we were searching for Vera in vain, for the pregnant women had been collected and taken away from the shower. A code was then etched into our shirt, while we wore it - some of the ink went right through it and into the skin on my back. I still have the marks.


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