The elder rabbi

Well, after three nerve racking days like these, they herded us into the cattle boxcars, but not before taking away even the smallest things we managed to hold onto. I and my relatives from Sümeg went together into the same wagon, as I wanted to stay close to them. The clothes we wore and the remains of our last portion of food were all soaking wet from the rain last night.

Mauthausen concentration camp


About 60 of us were pressed into a boxcar. The SS troops were really "generous" - they put some bread, sausage, nuts and dried fruit into each wagon - but how could we think about eating? The train didn't even start rolling when a sniveling SS brat kicked the elder rabbi of Sümeg off it, then threw empty water containers at us, for part of the torture we were to be subjected to consisted of a shortage of water. The cattle boxcar was completely enclosed and was also locked in on all sides, of course. I didn't even mind that the train started to move. Didn't even try to guess which way we were going. Just didn't care anymore. We knew we were being deported into a concentration camp, either in Germany or Poland.


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