The ghetto

Later they showed us our "living quarters", the Tutura warehouse. Thank God we were busy, because there were thousands of us by then. Children, men, women, all together. For the night we collected hay from far away fields and that was when I heard you'd severely hurt your leg, although nobody could tell me anything else. My heart almost stopped from the pain; again, someone else had learned of this before I did. This made me realize, like so many times before, just how much you tried to safeguard me by concealing all the bad things from me. Thinking about you put me in a terrible mental shape.


Arriving in the Lodz ghetto, Poland 1940


Lala was brought in next day and made me come to my senses somewhat, saying that it would be much more useful for everybody if I took care of myself for a change. After a long argument he also promised to go back to Dörögd to find you. He did manage to get a permit and was off next day. In the meantime, the ghetto in Egerszeg got word of the terrible place we'd been confined to and those of us who had relatives or friends there were allowed to join them.


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