Three days

My reasoning at that time was that even if we were to be kept in the Tapolca ghetto, we would most certainly be interrogated to make sure they would be able to steal everything from us, including whatever we might have stowed away in hidden places. Now, in this ditch, amongst these tortured bodies I realized just how fortunate my premonition turned out to be. This did not mean though, that I could have a moment without worry, as I was readying myself for sleep under God's wide open skies again. My uncle, aunt and every other family member there were still extremely concerned about me. They knew I wasn't on the list but were afraid that my mother in law would deliver me into the hands of the Gestapo, as a final token of her love for me. Three days passed under the cloud of this dreadful prospect.


Execution in the Ukraine, 1942


I was just staggering around the dead or broken bodies of the tortured, not knowing how much longer this inhumanity would last. Hell, at its worst, had to be a vacation resort compared to this !!!.... All of us wished we were already in a cattle boxcar, carted away from here, as life was just unbearable at this place anymore. As far as the Hungarian Arrow Cross troops are concerned, they most certainly deserve to go straight to Hell, since they behaved even more bestially than the Gestapo, as it was relayed to us later on by those too who'd been deported from towns all over the country.


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