When the search was over, we were benevolently allowed to enter the ditch. My older cousins were waiting for us there, as they had been kept there since yesterday. Even before getting to the bottom, I witnessed such a horrid sight that my blood begins to boil whenever I have a flashback of it. Bodies of people, beaten and tortured, were rolled down by the Gestapo and their more than willing allies, the Hungarian police troops.


Mass grave digging, Ukraine 1942


I was told that people who were on a list as persons of some (or any) means, were called by name, kicked, beaten and tortured until they gave a detailed account of everything they'd hidden, then were disposed of into the ditch. They also told me that the same atrocity was perpetrated at the Tutura brick yards in the last few days. Those I knew from the Lessner, Kovacs and other families were tortured to near death the same way there.


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